Paige's Candle Co. Firewood 9oz Taxonomy Candle

Firewood Taxonomy Candle

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Vegan · Phthalate Free

Note Profile:

  • Charred Wood + Saffron

  • Sandalwood

  • Patchouli


Choose between the following sizes: 

  • 4oz Mini - 26 hour burn time

  • 9oz Standard - 45 hour burn time

  • 16oz Large - 90 hour burn time

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Taxonomy is the branch of science concerned with classification. Our Taxonomy collection features a note profile classifying the fragrance notes blended to create each aroma. Rather than layering, we believe in carefully curating and blending fragrances to develop a unique candle experience

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jeffrey W.
A Smoldering Purchasing Experience

I bought this candle to support a small businesses and of naturally the smell of firewood. The candle has burned down approximately 1/3rd of the way and has had almost zero aroma of any kind. I asked my wife to smell it and all she said she smelled was the burning wick. Honesty I was let down by purchasing this candle. Would I buy from Paige’s Candle Co. again? Possibly but another scent. The shipping was quick and I paid a fair prices.


Incredibly aromatic, fills up your living space with the smell of burning firewood. I lit the candle and less than 15 minutes later the room smelled woodsy, like sitting in front of a fireplace! Definitely one of my favorite if not favorite candle I smelled so far from Paige’s Candle Co. Recommend 10/10!!

Hannah Plock

Smells just like a wood stove or a winter campfire 🔥 Been a favorite for years!

Truly Firewood

I love this candle. I’ve bought it a few times, it makes my small apartment with no fireplace feel more cozy and makes LA feel like it has seasons. It’s a nostalgic campfire smell, I love it for a nice moody night in.

Leah Guarino
Why would I need to build a Fire

Why would I need to build a fire, when I can have this candle. This is about as close as you can get to sitting in front of a fire in the woods. Every scent from Paige offers something unique. This happens to be one of my favorites. You know what else you get with Paige's candles -- a long lasting quality candle.