Paige's Candle Co. Whiskey Neat 9oz Taxonomy Candle

Whiskey Neat Taxonomy Candle

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Vegan · Phthalate Free

Note Profile:

  • Vanilla Bean + White Oak

  • Cherries + Tonka

  • Birch Bark


Choose between the following sizes: 

  • 4oz Mini - 26 hour burn time

  • 9oz Standard - 45 hour burn time

  • 16oz Large - 90 hour burn time

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Taxonomy is the branch of science concerned with classification. Our Taxonomy collection features a note profile classifying the fragrance notes blended to create each aroma. Rather than layering, we believe in carefully curating and blending fragrances to develop a unique candle experience

Customer Reviews

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The Best Candle Ever Made

Read The Title 😌

Great unisex scent

I loved this scent. It is light, but gives just enough. My husband loves it (which is a tough sell). I’m a whisky lover so I wasn’t sure how it would translate into a candle but it’s not too much, I would LOVE this for fall and winter but am burning it in spring and loving it.

Great birthday gift

My friend loved this candle for his birthday present. I'd previously gotten him the early grey scented candle, which he quickly burned through because he loved the scent so much, and so I thought he'd like this one too. I expect I'll be buying him a third candle soon!